Founders Note


After working a number of years for an International Actuator Company based in South Africa, I saw the possibilities of a local Company, which will specialise in manufacturing Pneumatic Valve Actuators and various other related products.

In May 1979 my wife, Barbara and I took the bold step, and started Actuator Technical Services cc.

The only finance we had was our Metal Industries Pension Fund valued at +/- R3500-00.

In 1992, we moved into our own premises in Jet Park and set-up a Manufacturing Plant.

With the Company becoming a Multi-Million turn-over Company with an excellent local designed product line, Barbara and myself decided to give the next generation the opportunity to purchase ATS. Stephan, Casper & Elize combined employment at Actuator Technical Services was +/- 55 years, which is an excellent base.

The opportunity was grasped with both hands to purchase ATS and the deal was put into motion. The negotiations commenced in 2008 and continued to 2010. In this period, Barbara and I acted as sleeping Partners, giving in-house training and support in managing ATS as a Company.



Unfortunately, our Son Stephan passed away 6 weeks after the Management buy-out was signed, and ownership transferred.

Casper & Elize made a very brave and intelligent decision to acquire late Stephan's shares.

Since 2010 to date, Actuator Technical Services has grown with leaps and bounds thanks to the commitment of Casper, and Elize, who is still based in Jet Park.

Their vision is the same we had 33 years ago; Have a goal, focus on it, do business honestly, with a good product and be able to adapt to the Industry you work in.

Most importantly be thankful to God, as He is the Provider of all things.

Barbara and I are very proud of Casper, Elize and their staff who will take the Company into the far future.

Fanie Barbara