Corporate health & wellness days


Our staff is our biggest asset, and needs looking after.

The main focus of health & wellness days are on health screening for early disease intervention and general health.

Staff is also empowered by educational talks on topics related to the theme of the wellness day- healthy life style, hygiene, heart disease.

Personalised feedback and consultation is given to staff in a non-discriminate confidential manner.

It is important to create a healthy productive work environment and corporate health& wellness days help ATS to reach this goal.


School stationary support

Knowledge is power.

Children of ATS employees receive school stationary, educational toys and educational support books. The stationary support programme gives ATS children the advantage they need to start the school year with the right tools.

Socio-economic responsibility

"Do your little bit, as it is the little bits you do that overwhelm the world" - Desmond Tutu

SOS children villages: the SOS children village is a private, charitable social development organisation.

ATS support this organisation because children is put into a family support system where they have love, respect and security (

MES (changing the heart of the city):-in cities there are many people who have no hope because of unemployment and being homeless. MES started as a feeding scheme in 1986 to care for these people. Today they address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people. Through education and skills development their aim is to give these people a purpose and to take responsibility for their lives (

Casual day: this day was started to support people with disabilities.ATS staff has a fun day for a good course. (

We at ATS are grateful that we can share our blessings and in this way, do our little bit.

(Jer 29:11&12)