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ATS Actuator range is adaptable, trusted and sustainable .Actuators can be designed to suit customers' applications and specifications. The unique and versatile range of Actuators, Hydraulic, Quarter Turn and Linear Actuators, have been specifically designed to meet the need of automation of a wide spectrum of valves.

  • Alpha Pompe Rack & Pinion type Actuators
  • BGL Pneumatic Cylinder type Actuators
  • BG4DA Quator Turn (396-3762nm)
  • BG5DA Quarter Turn (2723-12387nm)
  • BG7DA Quarter Turn (7700-43000nm)
  • Deadman Handles & Fail Safe Actuator with fusible links is a standard product
  • ATD samplers: Inline Grab Sampler and Cross Cut Sampler with Line Pressure up to 20 BAR
  • Allied products: Various Valves (knife gates, ball valves, butterfly valves), Solenoid Valves, Positioners, Limit Switches

BGL linear Actuator (80-551 cylinder) produce a thrust of 130kg force to 12426kg force with cylinder in tandem. These Actuators are extensively used in the mining and process industry in various forms and applications.

All Pneumatic Actuators are available in fail safe open or fail safe close.

BG quarter Turn Fail Safe Actuators have a torque range of 300NM-20000NM with the Alpha Pompe Quarter Turn covering the bottom range.

ATS has a business relationship with various major local valve companies and can supply a complete Actuator package as per customer's specifications.

Other services

  • Free training
  • Commissioning
  • Shutdowns
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